AARP Experience Corps SE Texas in an inter-generational tutoring program providing individual one-on-one tutoring in area elementary schools.  AARP Experience Corps members ages 50 and older serve a minimum of 15 hours per week with children referred to the program by their teachers.  Tutors mainly assist in areas of reading, reading readiness, spelling and other areas of need.

Tutors encourage the development of a child’s self esteem and improve their attitudes about school and learning.  With confidence and assertiveness they maintain advocacy roles in their ability to accomplish the community activities chosen (Parental involvement breakfasts, summer reading programs and volunteer recruitment) to increase the community’s awareness and involvement in education and the AARP Experience Corps program as a whole.

• Trained members assess literacy skill deficiencies

• Identify remediation needs and plan tutoring sessions (25 to 45 minutes daily)

• Assist in improving the pre-literacy, literacy and math skills of students

All AARP Experience Corps session provide a measurable outcome to gauge the range of need in comparison to year end results.

AARP Experience Corps members have contributed measurable impact on the children of our communities.  Our records indicate that throughout our years of service to the communities, we have tutored more than 2,789 students in the elementary schools in our area.