Caregiver Information

Maintaining your independence while temporarily confined to home due to illness or an injury can be overwhelming. We provide assistance in securing temporary, non-medical services such as personal care, home-delivered meals, caregiver relief, home maker/light housekeeping, health maintenance and emergency response devices. LinkAGE also provides limited medical transportation for residents of South and Mid-Jefferson County.

The care Coordinator and Caregiver Specialist will use the Partners In Care Foundation’s computerized risk assessment screening and alert process tool to analyze medication lists and symptoms to discover potential medication problems. By working with a pharmacist, who is a vendor, to review their clients medications in light of vital signs and adverse events such as falls, care coordinators can help the client avoid potentially dangerous medication problems. When indicated, the pharmacist works directly with the client’s physician. PICF has found that most of the problems were resolved be a change in medication or dose.
Family Caregiver Support Services
We provide caregiver respite assistance, caregiver support coordination and health maintenance as well as information on support/counseling groups and other agencies and services that aid family caregivers. We can offer valuable information to the caregiver about assessing and managing stress, and ideas to help care for a loved one at home and long term care planning.

Meals and Transportation
We contract for congregate (group) or home delivered meals and provide transportation to congregate meal sites as well.