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Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Texas Review and Comment System (TRACS)
The TRACS process originated with the Federal Office of Management and Budget Circular A-95, which established a clearinghouse for grant application review in each state.  In Texas, the 24 council of governments were designated to serve this function.  Executive Order 12372, issued in 1982 by President Reagan, delegated control over the process to the respective states.  In Texas, Article 1011(m) of the Texas Civil Statutes requires that applicants for state and/or federal assistance submit their applications for review to the appropriate regional planning agency(s) and directs the governor to issue guidelines for carrying out such reviews. 

The resulting TRACS is our instrument for complying with these regulations as well providing an opportunity to review and make comment on various plans, grant proposals and funding application impacting jurisdictions within Southeast Texas.   

When an applicant is instructed by a specific funding agency to submit a copy of its proposal to SETRPC for review under the TRACS system,  the Public Safety Division makes every effort to become familiar with the application, attempts to contact any/all respective local official(s) for feedback, and develops comments as to the project's merit and potential impact to the community in which it will be carried out.  The Division then incorporates the comments, if any, into a letter it provides back to the applicant.  As part of the overall process, a duplicate letter is also sent to the Office of the Governor. 

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