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Tuesday, 28 June 2011
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Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation shall be defined as bringing an entire structure into conformance with a pre-determined set of specifications and standards that address the entire condition of the structure.  At a minimum, the rehabilitated portion must comply with local building codes and standards, and upon completion, the entire structure must comply with housing quality standards (HQS) and local health and safety codes.  Rehabilitation shall be limited to “stick built” structures that have been deemed feasible for rehabilitation.

Reconstruction – Reconstruction shall be defined as the demolition, removal, and disposal of an existing housing unit and the replacement of that unit on the same lot with a unit that complies with the universal design features in new construction established by §2306.514, Texas Government Code, energy standards as verified by a RESCHECK certification, and the International Residential Codes, as required by Subchapter G, Chapter 214, Local Government Code. Reconstruction of a housing unit should be of a similar type structure. For example, a stick built housing unit may be replaced with a stick built unit and a manufactured one with a manufactured unit.

Replacement – Replacement shall be defined as the replacement of housing taken or demolished by government action as a direct result of Hurricane Ike.  Replacement will be for a comparable unit at a location that is not within the 100 year flood plain. If the replacement unit is newly constructed, the unit must at a minimum comply with the universal design features in new construction established by §2306.514, Texas Government Code, energy standards as verified by a RESCHECK certification, and the International Residential Codes, as required by Subchapter G, Chapter 214, Local Government Code.

Elevation – Shall be defined as the piers necessary in Zone A of the 100 year flood plain to rebuild a housing unit to meet the flood zone requirements.

Demolition – Shall be defined as activities necessary to alleviate conditions in slum and blighted areas.  SETRPC or its sub-contractors will use all available resources, including Housing Authorities, Habitat for Humanity, Community Housing Development Organizations, and other non-profit organizations, to provide displaced persons with access to decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing in SETRPC’s service area.