Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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Online training courses:

By Audience

?                Individuals (Citizen?s, homeowner?s, pet owners)
?                Emergency Managers (Emergency Personnel, Government Personnel)
?                Businesses and Farmers
?                Teachers
?                Tribal Representatives
?                Volunteer Agencies

By Topic

?                Continuity of Operation (COOP)
?                Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP)
?                Emergency Management
?                Environment and Historic Preservation (EHP)
?                Flood Hazard Mapping (FHM)
?                Floodplain Management
?                HAZUS
?                National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) 
?                National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP)
?                National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
?                National Incident Management System (NIMS)
?                Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning
?                Tribal

For local jurisdictions:

?               Getting Started in TRRN
?               Adding Equipment in TRRN
?               TRRN Requirements
?               AWR 110                       WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders (New)
?               AWR 111                       Basic EMS Concepts for WMD Incidents (Revised)
?               AWR 112                       Public Works for WMD (CBRNE) Incidents: Basic Concepts 
?               WMD 006a         MGT-100 - *NEW* WMD Incident Management/Unified Command Concepts
?               WMD AWR 200            Introduction to SNS and Mass Prophylaxis
?               WMD PER 306             Botulism 
?               WMD PER301              Children and Nerve Agents 
?               WMD PER302              Canine Emergency Medical Care 
?               WMD PER303              Emergency Management 
?               WMD PER304              Medical Effects of Primary Blast Injuries
?               WMD PER305              Bacillus Anthracis 
?               WMD PER307              Avian Flu