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Tuesday, 28 June 2011
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Percent of Allocation

Allocation Amount

Hardin County



Jefferson County



Orange County









County allocations were broken down in order to provide direct local allocations for each eligible entity within the Southeast Texas region.  The SETRPC determined direct allocation amounts for these entities by utilizing self-reported damage assessments provided by local communities themselves. 

The SETRPC used the following five activities as priorities to determine amounts of damage to be used when determining local percentages: 
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Public Safety Facilities
    • Drainage
    • Transportation 

SETRPC staff reviewed all damage assessments and determined totals for damages that fell into the five categories above.  Specific city and county assessments were compared with the overall assessment amounts for the entire county to obtain a percentage.  Specific local entities were then allocated an amount of funds based on their community’s percentage of damage compared to the damage within their county.

Specific eligible city and county allocations are as follows:

Eligible Entity

Percent of Allocation

Allocation Amount

Hardin County









    Sour Lake









Eligible Entity

Percent of Allocation

Allocation Amount

Jefferson County






    Bevil Oaks 









    Port Arthur



    Port Neches



    Taylor Landing









Eligible Entity

Percent of Allocation

Allocation Amount

Orange County



    Bridge City






    Pine Forest






    Rose City



    West Orange









The following entities did not receive an allocation of funds as they did not submit damage assessment information to the SETRPC:  City of China, City of Nome, City of Rose Hill Acres, City of Silsbee and City of Vidor.

Should a community choose not to utilize all or any of the allocation awarded them, those funds will go into a county excess pool and will be allocated among all other eligible entities within that county.  Any funding not utilized by a specific county will be allocated for use within the other two Southeast Texas counties.