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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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    Dear Elected Officials and Citizens of Southeast Texas:

SETRPC is one of 24 Regional Councils in Texas which were founded for the purpose of solving region-wide problems. These councils promote intergovernmental cooperation and coordination, conduct regional planning, and provide a forum for the discussion and study of area issues.  The new SETRPC website was launched with this in mind.  It is a guide to the organization, its officers, its employees, and provides descriptions of our available services and programs.  The website also has links to many of our members, provides contact information, and schedule of events.

SETRPC is absolutely committed to serving the needs of its members and the citizens of Southeast Texas and upholding the core values, general purpose and the mission statement set forth by the Executive Committee, directors and staff. We exist to facilitate regional communication, coordination and cooperation in a manner which works to advance our common interests.

We hope this website will advance our cause of regionalism and assist you in the utilization of SETRPC's resources and staff.

Shaun P. Davis