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Sunday, 27 May 2018
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Address Maintenance

The SETRPC 9-1-1 Network is responsible for address maintenance in the unincorporated areas of the three county region.  In this capacity, the 9-1-1 program is responsible for maintaining the county-wide addressing system.  Address maintenance is an on-going process and involves:

  • assignment of addresses to new structures
  • numbering new subdivisions and developments
  • reviewing requests for new street name assignments and changes
  • maintaining an accurate geobase (i.e. digital maps, maps, database)
  • solving address discrepancies and numbering problems
  • providing addressing/street delineation maps and database information to other agencies for emergency service provision
  • re-addressing streets or areas where inconsistencies in numbering cause problems for emergency service providers
  • maintaining the integrity of the 9-1-1 database through verification and updates to the telephone company's Master Street Address Guide (MSAG); and
  • developing and maintaining accurate maps and map books for distribution to emergency service providers

When an address request is received, it is documented on a address request form.  The Addressing Department will try to gain as much information about the property as possible over the telephone.  But, just in case some field work proves to be necessary, the citizen is asked to place a stick, flag or other identifying marker on their property near the street in line with the front door or its approximate future location.  This allows field personnel to calculate an address based on the location of the identifying marker.  A new address is calculated and the mapping data is updated to reflect these changes.  The citizen is notified of their address and the cross reference is updated.

Getting a New Address

Getting a new address for the unincorporated areas of Hardin, Jefferson and Orange counties is easy - just call 1-800-721-1911 and the 9-1-1 Addressing Department will be happy to assist you.

You may need a new address if you are:

  • building a new residence or business
  • moving a trailer onto a piece of land
  • buying property, and/or
  • wanting a physical address for mail delivery