Southeast Texas Alerting Network

STAN, the Southeast Texas Alerting Network, is a messaging and notification system that keeps the communities of Southeast Texas informed about emergencies and other important events in the area. Through STAN, industrial companies and emergency management officials can quickly notify you about emergencies, industry or weather events occurring in Southeast Texas.

Click the logo below to register or call 1.844.578.7826 / 1.844.578.STAN. If you have trouble registering or have any questions, please call SETRPC at 409.924.7513.

HS&EMP Division Function
The Homeland Security Emergency Management Planning Division (HSEMPD) was created by SETRPC in 2003 to respond to the needs of local elected officials and First Responders by coordinating regional initiatives that enhance security and preparedness.  HSEMPD does not serve in an emergency operations capacity.  Rather, the Division assists local professionals in the development and implementation of plans that effectively respond to a man-made or natural disaster.  This is accomplished by assessment and analysis of local needs, facilitation of regional response to Federal and State requirements, procurement and management of grants and contracts, and coordination with other regions in Texas.

SETRPC is the lead agency for the Regional Mitigation Action Plan (RMAP) that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires to be approved in order for local jurisdictions to continue receiving federal and/or state disaster funds.  Utilizing a grant from the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), a Regional Mitigation Action Plan was developed for the three-county region. The plan was approved by FEMA in 2007.

Emergency Planning
HSEMPD provides technical support to jurisdictions creating, expanding and/or enhancing emergency management plans and serves as a liaison with state officials regarding emergency planning and mutual aid.

Homeland Security Coordination/Planning/Funding
The TDEM serves as the State Administrative Agency for federal Homeland Security funds.  The Emergency Management Planning Advisory Council (EMPAC) and the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP) serve to oversee the homeland security funds allocated to the region.  For a listing of regional grant allocations, click here.

HSEMPD facilitates advocacy activities amongst local First Responders to ensure the maximum amount of state and federal homeland security funds needed to harden local targets and keep residents safe are directed to the region.  Local jurisdictions, working collaboratively with SETRPC, formulated a risk-based funding formula that was ultimately accepted by the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

The division has provided training to local elected officials regarding the mitigation action plans required by FEMA, TDEM and the Southeast Texas Alerting Network (STAN).  The training is on-going. An emergency management exercise is held annually to practice regional preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters. An exercise emergency operations center is shown here. The SETRPC also assists regional jurisdictions with the administration of requests and reimbursals for state-approved and funded acquisitions that enhance regional emergency preparedness.

Inter-operable Communications Planning
SETRPC facilitated the creation of the South East Texas Regional Interoperable Plan (SETRIP) which identifies short-term, intermediate and long-range regional inter-operable equipment needs to ensure First Responders are able to communicate in the event of a multi-jurisdictional or region-wide disaster.  Local First Responders serve on a SETRIP Committee.  The SETRIP Chair is  Walter Billingsley.