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Oct 7, 2020Featured News

South East Texas Regional Planning Commission
“Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning”
Request For Proposals

The South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) is a voluntary association of local governments that serves the area composed of Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange counties. The SETRPC resolves area-wide problems by promoting intergovernmental cooperation and coordination, by conducting comprehensive regional planning, and by providing a forum for the discussion and study of area issues. The SETRPC also conducts comprehensive planning services in community development, transportation, and environmental resources. The SETRPC is the designated Lead Agency in the southeast Texas region for regional public transportation coordination and cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation for compliance with Chapter 461 of House Bill 3588 (eliminate waste, generate efficiencies, and reduce air pollution), in developing a coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan as required by the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU). This plan is called the Regional Public Transportation Coordination Plan (RPTCP) and was completed in March 2017. The RPTCP for the southeast Texas region identifies efforts for regional service coordination, creates a transportation coordination plan, and creates an action plan for priority projects. Public transportation in the southeast Texas region includes primarily demand-response service, with two localities managing fixed-route systems. The SETRPC has been proceeding with planning efforts to implement projects in the region to provide seamless transportation within the region for the users of public transportation.

The SETRPC is seeking consultant services to assist in completing an updated, comprehensive Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan and in participating in public involvement outreach. In addition, consultant services will involve performing transportation planning to develop implementation strategies for enhancing regional transportation services that lead to seamless public transportation throughout the southeast Texas region. It is anticipated that the requested services would be performed between February 2021 and December 2021. Proposals are being requested from qualified firms or individuals with specific experience to perform this assignment.

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If your firm is interested and qualified to complete regionally coordinated transportation planning for the southeast Texas region, please contact our office to express your interest:

Bob Dickinson
Transportation and Environmental Resources
South East Texas Regional Planning Commission
2210 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, Texas 77703
Fax: 409.729.6511
All responding firms will receive a complete Request for Proposal package.
Final proposals will be due by 3:00 PM CST on Friday, November 13, 2020.