The Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Division (CJHSD) coordinates and administers criminal justice and homeland security projects that make the region a safer one in which to live. The division consists of two full time and two part time staff. While small in staff, the division has a powerful impact facilitating regional homeland and criminal justice planning. Administering the regional emergency alerting network, implementing cutting edge initiatives to prepare the community for a complex coordinated terrorist attack, providing life skills training for at-risk youth and counseling and psychological services to youth in the Hardin, Jefferson and Orange County Juvenile Probation Offices are but a few examples of work performed by CJHS staff. We are a customer service driven division that strives to provide services that enhance the safety, security and quality of life for the residents that call Southeast Texas home.



Federal Department of Homeland Security Grants

Port Security Grant (Regional Emergency Alerting Network)
STAN, the Southeast Texas Alerting Network, is a messaging and notification system that keeps the communities of Southeast Texas informed about emergencies and other important events in the area. Through STAN, industrial companies and emergency management officials can quickly notify you about emergencies, industry or weather events occurring in Southeast Texas.

Click the logo below to register or call 1.844.578.7826 / 1.844.578.STAN. If you have trouble registering or have any questions, please call SETRPC at 409.924.7513.

Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) Preparedness
In July 2017, the South East Texas Regional Commission (SETRPC) was one of five Texas entities awarded a 3-year grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack Preparedness (CCTA). SETRPC partnered with two DHS Centers of Excellence – the University of Houston, who is providing grant related support for the project, and the University of Maryland (START), who is conducting research and providing a micro portal site for SETRPC. The goal of the project is to create a regional plan that identifies and closes capability gaps, provides training and an exercise for local First Responders to respond to a widespread act of terrorism for the South East Texas region.

Office of the Governor, Public Safety Division Grants

Criminal Justice Planning

Funded through the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, CJHSD fulfills planning and coordination needs throughout the region for Criminal Justice initiatives including Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Grant, and Victims’ Assistance Programs like Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Grant and Victims’ of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant. Through the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC), made up of local “subject matter experts” in the fields of education, prosecution, law enforcement, mental health, substance abuse, non-profit organizations, juvenile justice, and concerned citizens prioritize regional needs and priorities through the South East Texas Regional Criminal Justice Strategic Plan.

Click here to view the South East Texas Regional Criminal Justice Strategic Plan for 2020.

For a list of Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) members, click the Advisory Committees tab at the top of the page.

Regional Juvenile Alternatives (Counseling for Hardin, Jefferson and Orange County Probation Departments)
The Regional Juvenile Alternatives grant which is funded through the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division provides restorative services to juveniles in Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties who are involved with the Juvenile Justice System through the local Juvenile Probation Departments. Through this grant, juveniles referred to the Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Juvenile Probation Department receive services that include: psychological examinations, assessments, counseling, drug screening, substance abuse treatment, anger management and sex offender group and individual therapy, and job skills training. The ultimate goal is for regional youth to exist the juvenile justice system and become healthy, productive members of our community.
Regional Police Academy
SETRPC and the Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) Regional Police Academy partner together to receive funding from the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division to provide basic peace officer training and continuing education training to certified law enforcement officers.
Homeland Security Regional Planning Grant
CJHSD coordinates regional initiatives that enhance security and preparedness. CJHSD does not serve in an emergency operations capacity, rather, the division assists local response entities in the development and implementation of plans that effectively respond to man-made or natural disasters. This is accomplished by assessment and analysis of local needs, facilitation of regional response to Federal and State requirements, procurement and management of grants and contracts, and coordination with other regions in Texas. CJHSD facilitates advocacy activities amongst local first responders to ensure the maximum amount of State and Federal Homeland Security funds needed to harden local targets and keep residents safe are directed to the region. Through these initiatives, the region has received millions of grant funded dollars to enhance capabilities through South East Texas that include: Planning, Interoperable Communications, Intelligence and Information Sharing, and Enhancing Special Response Teams.
Office of the Governor Interlocal Contract
Funded through the Office of the Governor, Homeland Security Grant Division, CJHSD provides planning and coordination throughout the region for Homeland Security Grant initiatives for local first responder and emergency management personnel. Through the Emergency Management Planning Advisory Committee (EMPAC) made of up “subject matter experts” in the fields of fire, law enforcement, local elected officials, and emergency management the region has been able to greatly enhance capabilities like interoperable communications, intelligence and information sharing, planning, and sustaining special response teams. CJHSD completes the regional Threat and Hazard Identification Risk Assessment, the Stakeholders Preparedness Review, and the Implementation Plan as required by the Office of the Governor.

For a list of Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) members, click the Advisory Committees tab at the top of the page

Texas Division of Emergency Management

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Action Plan for Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Count
SETRPC is the lead agency for the Regional Mitigation Action Plan (RMAP) that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires to be approved in order for local jurisdictions to continue receiving federal and/or state disaster funds.
Contact SETRPC to request a copy of the Mitigation Action Plan 2017.