CSBG - Targeting Our Possibilities Program (TOP)

CSBG – Targeting Our Possibilities (TOP)

Mission Statement
Empowering low-income individuals and families to meet their basic needs and increase their opportunity to realize their full potential through education and community service collaborations.

  • To be eligible for CSBG services, the household must be at, or below 125% of the poverty level (please contact our office at 409-899-8444 ext 6510 for additional information or questions to see if you qualify for these services)
  • Transition Out of Poverty (TOP) is a case management program designed to help families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency with support for education and other expenses while being committed to changing the course of their lives.

SETRPC 2021 Community Needs Assessment

Transitioned Client Feedback:

““I was able to complete my BSN-RN from Lamar University because of this program, it allowed me to focus on studying instead of stressing about bills. My children were able to maintain stability.] In obtaining my degree I have achieved financial freedom and are able to provide for my children. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for TOP. The ability to be self-sufficient was always a goal of mine. Thanks to TOP I was able to achieve that goal.”

“I was able to devote time to studying and finish the nursing program. I am so grateful for all the assistance and more humbled to be given the opportunity to be part of program. “   A.D TOP Transition 1/2022.


“The services provided were a great help and provided the support needed to reach my goals.” K.J TOP Transition 10/2022


“TOP helped me finish my nursing degree at Lamar. Without this program I couldn’t of done it.” E.R TOP Transition 12/2022


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