The Golden Triangle Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) promotes the utilization of the time and talents of persons aged 55 and over as community resources through volunteerism. The program provides a variety of volunteer opportunities at non-profit organizations and government agencies throughout Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Counties.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Division of the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) serves as a liaison between local agencies and the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division (CJD). CJD provides funding opportunities to local units of governments, non-profit organizations, schools districts and other applicable agencies.

Homeland Security

The Homeland Security and Emergency Management Planning Division (HSEMPD) was created by the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) in 2003 to respond to the needs of local elected officials and first responders through coordination of regional initiatives that enhance security and preparedness. HSEMPD does not serve in an emergency operations capacity. The division assists local professionals in the development and implementation of plans that effectively respond to a man-made or natural disaster.

Community Services Division

Building a stronger, more prosperous region, one community at a time. The Community Services Division (CSD) serves individuals and families in Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Counties. The CSD consists of five main programs: Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), Area Agency on Aging (AAA), 2-1-1 Area Information Center of Southeast Texas, Special Needs Programs and CSBG – Transition Out of Poverty (TOP).

Administration Division

The administration of the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) is responsible for fiscal management, grants administration, budgeting, and information technology.

Disaster Recovery Division

Administering some $190,000.00 in disaster recovery funding provided by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for recovery from damages sustained as a result of Hurricanes Ike, the Disaster Recovery Division will address housing, public infrastructure and economic development needs in the most severely impacted areas of Southeast Texas.