Broadband Survey with Connected Nation Texas

Feb 8, 2022Featured News

The South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) and Connected Nation Texas have joined together to improve broadband access in southeast Texas! We are doing so by surveying nine sectors: households, businesses, agriculture, heath industry, K-12, higher education, libraries and organizations, government, and public safety.
Your feedback will be used to develop a community specific Technology Action Plan designed to meet the unique needs of the county. The more data we have about the connectivity needs of your county, the better we can build a comprehensive solution plan.

What does the survey ask about? Internet speed and cost per month, digital literacy, number of devices in your home, and other internet usage.
Which counties? The SETRPC serves Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange. Jasper joined the SETRPC in 2021. However, Jasper County has already completed a broadband survey with Connected Nation Texas.
What will be done? Connected Nation’s staff will identify areas of importance, collect data, and develop a Technology Action Plan that addresses your community’s unique needs through:

  • A comprehensive assessment that can be leveraged to pursue resources and funds.
  • Access to insights, trends, policies, and opportunities to advance action items.
  • Assessment of your community’s access to broadband, adoption, and use.
  • Talking with local providers and leaders about your unique experience with broadband. 

The survey closes on April 6, 2022. You can access the survey online at:

The survey is available in Spanish and English. Paper surveys are available for the household surveys only.