The Transportation section provides professional services and technical support to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Jefferson Orange Hardin Regional Transportation Study, leads and coordinates regional public transportation planning, administers a rural public transportation program: South East Texas Transit, and promotes commuter alternatives, such as ridesharing.


  • The South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) is designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the three-county region comprising the Jefferson Orange Hardin Transportation Study (JOHRTS) area. The principle purpose of the SETRPC-MPO is to maintain an overall transportation plan that will provide the most desirable and efficient means of meeting transportation needs for a 20-year horizon and ensure that the JOHRTS area complies with the rules and guidelines as required by the federal government as a condition of receiving federal funds for transportation projects and programs.
  • As Lead Agency for regionally coordinated transportation planning in the southeast Texas region, section staff cooperates with the Texas Department of Transportation to meet the provisions of Chapter 461 of House Bill 3588 and manages the development and implementation of projects in the public transit-human services transportation plan, South East Texas Area Regional Public Transportation Coordination Plan (RPTCP).
  • The SETRPC has a Rural Transit District and the Transportation section manages and operates the rural transportation program, South East Texas Transit (SETT). This service is demand-response for the general public residing in areas of Orange County, Hardin County, and rural Jefferson County.
  • The JOHRTS region is challenged in reducing area traffic congestion while meeting regional air quality goals. Programs such as carpooling and rideshare promote commuter alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle for residents of southeast Texas. These programs offer congestion relief and travel options to improve air quality and regional mobility.