Environmental Resources

Scrap Tires

Scrap Tires Can Pose a Hazard
It is estimated that Texans generate approximately 24 million scrap tires every year. That is essentially one tire per person. If scrap tires are in a site that is not properly managed, they can pose health hazards. Scrap tires are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats, and snakes, as well as a fire hazard.

Tires Can Be Reused and Recycled
There are approximately 77.5 million scrap tires located at various sites across Texas. Each year recyclers are discovering innovative ways to reuse the scrap tires. Last year, Texas utilized more scrap tires than were generated statewide. The tires were recycled in the following ways:

  • Tire-derived Fuel (49.5%)
  • Land Reclamation Projects (27.5%)
  • Landfill Civil Engineering Projects (7%)
  • Crumb Rubber (6%)
  • Other (5%)

In Southeast Texas, most of the illegal scrap tire dumping sites are located in the more remote, rural areas of Hardin, Jefferson and Orange counties but some can be found within city limits on vacant lots, old dirt pits, etc.

Household Hazardous Waste and Scrap Tire Collection
During the last several years, the SETRPC has conducted a Scrap Tire Collection Event in conjunction with its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events. These collection events are held numerous times throughout the year at various locations within Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties.

Along with more than 68,000 lbs. of household hazardous waste that is collected during each event, the SETRPC collects more than 1,800 tires. These tires include: car tires, truck tires, tractor tires, and others. The SETRPC also accepts tires containing rims.

During this collection event, the public can dispose of eight tires at no charge. There is a $1.00 disposal fee for each additional tire after eight.

Note: The Household Hazardous Waste and Scrap Tire Collection Events are for the general public and not for privately-owned businesses.

For more information about SETRPC Household Hazardous Waste and Scrap Tire Collection Events, contact Bob Dickinson at bdickinson@setrpc.org or 409-899-8444 x7520.