Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Jefferson-Orange-Hardin Regional Transportation Study area Metropolitan Transportation Plan (JOHRTS MTP) aims to improve mobility for the three-county region by promoting an efficient, effective, and multimodal transportation system that optimizes existing finances, protects the environment, and provides a net social benefit to users.

The JOHRTS MTP is the official multimodal transportation plan for the JOHRTS area and addresse no less than a 20-year planning horizon. Transportation plans require developing goals and objectives that reflect regional values and satisfy long-term regional transportation needs. The regional transportation goals include:

  • Preserve and Maintain the Existing Transportation System
  • Improve the Operational Efficiency of the Transportation Network
  • Enhance the Safety of the Transportation Community
  • Enhance the Security of the Transportation Community
  • Protect and Improve the Environment
  • Maximize the Social Benefits of the Transportation System
  • Foster Economic Development
  • Maintain Financial Responsibility in the Development and Preservation of the Transportation System

The JOHRTS MTP identifies projects and programs that will meet regional goals and accommodate the future needs of the three-county region. In addition, the JOHRTS MTP underscores the vital role that transportation plays in the social, environmental, and economic health of the area.


DRAFT Metropolitan Transportation Plan – 2050


SETRPC JOHRTS MTP-2045 Amendment 5

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP-2045 Amendment 4

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP-2045 Amendment 3

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP-2045 Amendment 2 – This amendment was initiated as new projects were expected, however the amendment was declared void.

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP-2045 Amendment 1

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP 2045 Full with Administrative Modifications

SETRPC JOHRTS MTP 2045 Executive Summary


JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 10

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 10

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 9

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 9

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 8

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 8

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 7

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 7

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 6

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 6

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 5

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 5

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 Amendment 4

Revisions-MTP-2040 Amendment 4

JOHRTS Revised-MTP-2040 (February Quarterly Revision)

Revisions-MTP-2040 February 2016

JOHRTS MTP Revised-MTP-2040 (February Quarterly Revision)

Revisions-MTP-2040 February 2015

JOHRTS MTP Revised-MTP-2040 (May Quarterly Revision)

Revisions-MTP-2040 MAY 2015

JOHRTS MTP Revised-MTP-2040