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Thursday, 24 May 2018
Criminal Justice Program

The Public Safety Division serves as liaison between local agencies and the Office of the Governor's Criminal Justice Division (CJD).  The CJD provides funding opportunities to local governments, non-profit organizations, school districts and other applicable agencies through the following sources:

  • Criminal Justice Planning Fund (Fund 421)
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Fund
  • Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Fund
  • Texas Narcotic Control Program
  • Victims of Crime Act Fund
  • Violence Against Women Act Fund
  • Crime Stoppers Assistance Fund; and
  • Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Fund

Once an application is submitted to the Governor's Office and processed, it is reviewed, scored and prioritized by the SETRPC's Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC).  The CJAC consists of up to twenty members from multiple disciplines within Hardin, Jefferson and Orange counties.  These scores are then submitted to the Governor's Office via a priority list where final funding decisions and awards are made to individual applicants. 

Each year, three community planning groups convene to identify (1) needs, (2) gaps in service, and (3) existing resources in the SETRPC Region to which grant funds might be applied.  

Types of local projects currently funded are: 

  • prevention
  • diversion
  • law enforcement
  • probation
  • prosecution
  • victim services, and
  • regional training

The Public Safety Division also provides technical assistance to both public and non-profit criminal justice agencies in the Southeast Texas region that are seeking state and federal grant funding.  Technical assistance includes research, proofreading, clarification of funding category requirements as well as guidance where required procedures for application submittals are concerned.  SETRPC also administers the following three grant programs funded with Office of the Governor's CJD funds:

Regional Police Academy
SETRPC contracts with the Lamar Institute of Technology to provide basic and advanced law enforcement training in the Southeast Texas area.  Funds are also available to area law enforcement officers in the form of out-of-region training scholarships.  This allows for tuition and travel assistance to officers that require specialized training outside of our local service area. 

Regional Juvenile Alternatives
SETRPC contracts with juvenile probation departments within Hardin, Jefferson and Orange counties to assist with the high costs of providing services to juveniles referred to them.  Funds are used to purchase services such as residential placements, psychological examinations/evaluations, counseling sessions, medical/dental services and/or transportation expenditures. 

Training for Juvenile Personnel
SETRPC offers reimbursement for travel/training expenses incurred by personnel within the three-county region who deal with juvenile justice system referrals.  Funds are also used to contract with outside training providers.  Generally, personnel who receive services are probation officers, detention officers and law enforcement officers.

For applications and/or further information on criminal justice funding sources, go to Office of the Governor .

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